A selection of my images and stories in the media.


Larung Gar, Tibet

In May 2016 I traveled to Larung Gar,the world's largest Tibetan Buddhist settlement, in Eastern Tibet. Soon after these images were captured, the Chinese Govt. began dismantling large parts of the settlement and forcefully evicting the peaceful inhabitants. The story was featured in dozens of major newspapers. Find links to a selection of stories below. - LA Times - Dailymail - The Sun


Bangkok Fish Mall

In June of 2014, I was in transit in Thailand and heard rumors of a secret oddity hidden away in old-town Bangkok. What I found was a surreal scene of simultaneous urban decay and biological renewal. An abandoned mall, which had flooded over the past decade, and began teeming with countless colorful fish!

(note: BBC TV Link only viewable in the UK)

BBC TV - CNN - Smithsonian - The Telegraph

Rare Meteorite Remnant

While photographing the night sky at Gaviota Beach on California's Central Coast, I noticed something very strange. An illuminated ring of cloud or smoke which was very slowly drifting across the horizon. Further research and consulting with astronomers revealed it to be the smoke left from a large "bolide" or fiery meteorite entering the atmosphere.

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In 2015 I was contacted by the great website phoblographer about a series of lightpainting images I had posted around social media circles. I truly enjoy lightpainting, as it is a unique way to show motion and the behavior of cameras in one beautifully concise method. Please find the article and interview below.

Phoblographer Interview